Bonamasó emerges as a poetic ode to timeless elegance and a tribute to my paternal grandmother, Ramona Bonamasó. A manifestation of my journey through the realms of fashion and branding.


The soul of Bonamasó beats to a rhythm that echoes in every stitch, a testament to the belief in pieces with a soul, crafted to endure a lifetime and be passed down through generations. It is born out of the yearning for a brand that embodies the essence of timeless pieces, where each creation holds the power to narrate stories and evoke memories.


Our symbol, the magnolia, finds its roots in the very tree that witnessed my most cherished moments with my grandmother. Around our magnolia, every moment unfolded as a chapter of warmth and joy. It symbolizes not just a flower but the embodiment of shared laughter, whispered secrets, and the enduring bond between generations.


For me, Bonamasó is more than a brand; it's a continuation of those strolls we took together. My grandmother left us a few years ago, but creating a brand that bears her name is my way of keeping those walks alive, everywhere we go.


Founded on the pillars of conscious fashion, Bonamasó stands as a fervent advocate for a slower, local, and sustainable production pace. Each product is meticulously crafted to not just adorn, but to encapsulate a unique personality and resonate with the essence of the wearer.


Welcome to Bonamasó, where every stitch weaves a story, and every piece is an enduring ode to love, legacy, and the art of timeless living.